Review: Equilibrium


"The spirit of Marcus Miller hangs over this post which presents you the first official title of young Lorenzo Corrias, barely 20 years old and full of talent!" - freeetlegal

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Gtqlizer review


"it’s lit up by the ‘70s jazzy space keyboards and spy film strings, it mutates from J-Dilla-ish avant-funk to futuristic acid-hop. On “Equilibrium,” all this outlandish blend is connected without any unpleasant seams, and each line impresses with the musician’s excellent vision"

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last day deaf review


"Lorenzo Corrias’ ‘Equilibrium’ is a 7-minute, immense, avant-jazz composition with, considerable, soundtrack-ish value and a killer bass performance. Virtuoso, but most importantly a competent composer whose biggest influences include Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stuart Zender…"

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