Lorenzo Corrias is a young bassist and producer born on April 11th, 2003 in Rome, Italy, where he's currently based. Music has always been an important part of his life, and at the age of 13, after hearing Marcus Miller's music, he decided to learn to play the bass.
In 2019, in his first participation to Victor Wooten's bass camp, Lorenzo played Marcus Miller's "Power" on the stage. Victor Wooten was kind enough to shoot a video of the performance and send it to Marcus Miller, who responded "Damn, Lorenzo is trying to take somebody's head off!".
Lorenzo's biggest bass inspirations are Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stuart Zender.
Since 2018 Lorenzo has been playing at Umbria Jazz festival almost every year,
and participated to the Berklee clinics where he met some of the musicians that have been involved in the making of his first official track.
In Lorenzo's first single "Equilibrium" the style of the artist is very audible since not only he produced, composed and recorded bass on it, but also composed and recorded he vast majority of synths, programmed strings, horns, and mixed and mastered the track.